There are many theories in health; but what is right for you is only one of them.

Chronic complex diseases, especially diabetes, heart attack, stroke, osteoporotic fracture, Alzheimer illness; breast, ovarian and uterine cancers in women; prostate cancer in men; colon, gastric, pancreas, bladder, kidney and skin cancers in both genders are a result of interaction between genetic structure and lifestyle of a person and environmental conditions. What to do to be protected from these diseases varies from individual to individual. GentestNormoaging sets forth the necessary measures for you to be protected from these diseases. GentestNormoaging also includes measures to slow down aging, to increase physical, mental and sexual performance with advancing age. Please read the information given below in the box, in order to understand the logic of these measures.

Different approaches in aging method

Yaşlanma Yönteminde Farklı Yaklaşımlar

Relationship between chronological age and biological age is evaluated in the aging process. "Classical medicine" approach indicated with blue color in the following graph, deems advancing of biological age together with the advancing age as and decrease in physical, mental and sexual performance as a result thereof, as normal. This can be called "normal for your age" medicine.

"Antiaging medicine" approach indicated with red color in the graph, aims to keep the individual in the age range of 35-40 and carries out various applications in direction thereof. It has been seen in the last years that antiaging methods, applied the right way, have led to many serious health problems, particularly cancers. It is natural that a person does not want to have an antiaging application done, considering these risks. This is a demand that arose as a result of his/her professional, psychological and social needs. We respect the choices of individuals carrying out such applications. However, Dr. Serdar Savaş, whose main goal is to improve human health, does not carry out and does not recommend such applications.

"Bio-aging medicine" approach, indicated with green color in the graph, sets forth measures that slow down the aging process without jeopardizing health of individuals and without surrendering to nature. Bio-aging approach requires the use of supplements such as many vitamins-minerals-organic oils, amino acids, hormone precursors, systematic exercise practices and anti-aging activities. Living an advanced age period that is physically, mentally and sexually active, depends on putting into practice these applications in a disciplined way. Bio-aging approach is recommended to individuals, who can put this discipline into practice.

GentestNormoaging is an application, in which the "classical medicine" indicated with blue color in the explanation above, is preferred; aging of an individual is deemed as a normal process. If there is no disorder considered as pathology (disease) by medicine in hormones and other biomarkers of an individual, no antiaging support is provided. Gentest Life Plan prepared, covers nutrition, exercises and nutritional supplements necessary to be protected from diseases. It includes recommendations to slow down aging, without interfering with its normal process and to increase performance.

All individuals over the age of 35 that aim to live healthily and dynamically in accordance with their genetic predispositions and disease risks, are eligible.

  1. Your tissue and blood samples are taken,
  2. HRV device is worn for 3 days in order for electro-physiological evaluation of lifestyle,
  3. Your 3-dimensional body and posture analysis is performed,
  4. Your examination is performed by physician,
  5. Your lifestyle consultation is held,
  6. Your report is prepared within 6 weeks,
  7. Your report is explained to you by Dr. Serdar Savaş and our dietician.
  8. Your Gentest Life Plan is presented.

From now on, there will be no one to know you more comprehensively and more in-depth than us, in terms of your biological structure and health. Therefore, our responsibilities within the scope of Gentest continue after presentation of your Gentest Life Plan. We deem you as a member of our family, we are always by your side with regular consultations, follow-ups, checks, refresher consultations, training, scientific and social activities. We call it GLLS (Gentest Life-Long Support) program.

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