Strategic Frame

Gentest is a public health tool which is cutting-edge, innovative, disease preventive and health improving; developed to prevent the biggest health crisis of the 21st century where the cost of healthcare services rise faster than the sources to fund such services due to increase of chronic – complex diseases in aging populations by low fertility caused by low mortality as an outcome of epidemiological and demographic transition.


To contribute to improving lifespans, health status, life quality, and performances of individuals by converting the latest point where science and technologies have reached regarding genetics and life into accessible products and services.


To prove that we are the best in the whole world by bettering our position of “Best Practice in Europe” which we have achieved in the field of Public Health and Genomics in 2009 and to become a pioneer that extends its implementation to the whole world by ensuring all family physicians in our country to perform health management of the population assigned to them with Gentest someday in the future.


It is the very respect we have for all humankind and varieties.


  • To preserve the dignity of humankind, integrity of personality and their health; not to harm any human being with no cause and reason.
  • Not to assert any claim except for scientific facts and to support all claims we have asserted with scientific knowledge
  • Not to use any scientific development, regardless of the economic advantage it could create, in such a way that would not be beneficial for humankind and populations
  • To fulfill all requirements of continuous development by believing that the perfect is always one step away from us to pursue, no matter how victorious is the point we have reached

We shall ensure each of our teammates who deserve respect for themselves to become even more equipped every single passing day and to assess within pure fairness in a constructive and positive business environment.

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